This popular college major is coming to high schools and preparing kids for any career.

Picture a classroom. In some increasingly modern schools, you might be surprised how things have changed. Many schools still operate on the old models of textbooks and paper homework. But as we move forward into the future, some more innovative classrooms are adapting with the times. More and more, educators are realizing that traditional curriculums […]

This Familys Christmas Card Goes Viral After People Notice One Savage Detail

Twitter user Emily Seawright recently posted her family’s Christmas card for this year, and it’s as savage as it is hilarious. One of her sisters? Engaged. The other? Expecting. Her? Well, there was really only word to describe it, and we’re guessing it made her parents a lot less ‘excited’ than the other two. Sometimes, […]

This football player is stepping up to help break the taboo behind people’s periods.

When my sister used the words “free bleeding,” I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about. Rachel had started an organization called Kitty Packs to help eradicate free bleeding in the homeless community, and she wanted my support. The only problem? I really didn’t know what “free bleeding” was. My name is Joshua […]

Trump’s FCC Chairman Went After Alyssa Milano Over Her Net Neutrality Comments And She Totally SCHOOLED Him!

So, it turns out Alyssa Milano is the boss… The Charmed star has been a crusader for Net Neutrality, an extremely important issue the FCC is voting on in just a matter of days. At its simplest, net neutrality keeps the Internet as it is, with all websites given equal speed, allowing people to access […]

Mariah Carey Gets Millions In Settlement With Billionaire Ex James Packer And Even Gets To Keep The Ring!

All she wants to for Christmas… is a cool seven figures and a diamond that doubles as an effective paperweight! The latest report from The Blast says they quietly came to a number in the middle earlier this year that includes Mariah getting to keep her insanely huge engagement ring; all told, money and ring […]