Proceeds From Coachella Tickets *Probably* Going To Fund Anti-LGBT & Anti-Abortion Politicians

Hey there, music fest luvvahs! Just your second annual reminder that while Buuuuut Fader did the math again this year and found that in 2017 — which wasn’t even an election or midterm year — he gave another $187,300 to politicians and super-PACs which are vocally against same sex marriage, anti-abortion, and pro-NRA. Oh yeah, […]

Im A Photographer Who Does Post-Marriage Private Shooting With Cats, And Heres The Result

Later a couple of friends asked me to do The same for them with their 3 cats, so we managed an After-marriage shooting. reply reply Read more:

VOTE: Carrie Underwood’s Gorgeous Post-Stitches Face Can YOU Tell A Difference??

So is She even hid from the camera and warned her fans she “might look a bit different.” But it may have been all in her head. And not, you know, ON her head. Because as we saw and shared with you, she posed for a Twitter pic with fan Adrienne Gang (whom you might […]