Woman Shares How Her Boyfriend Is Handling Her Crippling Depression, And Its Absolutely Amazing

Many a relationship has ended because of this. There are significant others who love, cherish and would do anything to help their depressed partner, and have only the best intentions. However, their attempts to ‘cheer up’ or ‘get things moving’ can often lead to frustration, and only make matters worse. “I’ve been clinically depressed for […]

New York’s JFK Airport isn’t a fun place to be the weekend after a bomb cyclone

Image: Rebecca Butala How/Getty Images It’s rare for a single airport to make headlines, but that’s what happens when a cascading series of events shuts down one of the world’s biggest transit hubs. John F. Kennedy International Airport is in a state of disarray on Sunday as nasty weather, blistering cold, and human error conspired […]

Make Up Artist Makes Clients As Old As 80 Look Decades Younger, Shows Just How Powerful Makeup Is

From his studio in Baku, Mr. Agakishiev works daily glamorising and highlighting the natural beauty of his clients. But his most astonishing transformations occur in his work with older ladies, where his skills in hiding wrinkles, under-eye bags, discoloration and the other common signs of old age are unparalleled. Anar Agakishiev is an Azerbaijani make-up […]

51 Illegal Photos Of North Korea That Kim Jong Un Doesnt Want You To See

He’s actually a regular Bored Panda user who is responsible for some of the most popular posts on our website, for example ‘Highway To Yell In North Korea Which I Captured During The Last Trip‘ and ‘I Introduced Polaroid To North Korea, And It Made People Open Up And Tell Their Stories.’ After Lafforgue came back […]